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Vallarta Life: What if the border closes? (As if…)

What Will Happen if Trump Closes the Border?

How much will you be affected in Puerto Vallarta if Trump goes through with his ridiculous threat to close the border? Frankly, this will have more far reaching problems in the United States than Mexico. There will still be refugees at the border, people who are streaming to the United States due to conditions in their home countries caused by policies in the United States. That won’t change. We are far from the border and main travel routes so there will be no impact on Puerto Vallarta in this regard.

The port of entry at Nogales is where the majority of winter fruits and vegetables enter the United States. Since the new trade agreement to replace NAFTA hasn’t been ratified, there is no protection. Grocery store prices would take a huge leap as supplies get scarce and some sources claim the United States would run out of avocados within less than three weeks. You’ll still be able to get plenty of guacamole in Puerto Vallarta.

Manufactured goods are at risk for long lasting effects. These include aircraft engines and parts; copper ore, which is vital to certain operations in the States, and electrical parts and machinery.

Border towns will suffer immensely, since thousands of documented Mexicans create a huge amount of revenue, crossing the border on a daily basis to shop for everything from shoes to auto parts to food. Not to mention how it will impact tax revenue.

Will you get stuck in Puerto Vallarta and not be able to get back home? There is a possibility, in the case of a complete border shutdown; no one would be able to pass through the border, via car, bus, on foot. However, there is a lot of uncertainty regarding air travel. If you plan to go in one direction or the other, this could push the price of a ticket way up, since flying would be the only likely way to travel.  There is the chance Mr. Trump would shut down airlines, in one of his typical tantrum actions. He has made it clear he is able to do anything that strikes his whim.

Other impacts would be on the economy; the stock markets will certainly take a blow, and the peso will most likely drop relative to the dollar, but as luck would have it, this would be good for anyone with dollars in Puerto Vallarta.

There has been false speculation that United States citizens would reconsider purchasing land or homes in Puerto Vallarta. Quite to the contrary, this is the type of deed by the US administration that actually pushes more North American citizens south of the border.

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