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Vallarta Life: Pier History

The Pier and Puerto Vallarta

Periodically we see photos and old posts of the pier that was replaced by the current modern and highly designed wharf where boats continue to come and go, as they did in more humble times. Some say they like the old pier better but we find those people are similarly unhappy with other changes in Puerto Vallarta.

The day of the inauguration of the new pier, six years ago this month, was one of pride and celebration. We planted ourselves on the beach adjacent to the pier early in the day. We remained there until late at night, when an elegant fireworks show, as is the custom in Puerto Vallarta, completed a day of high level festivity, comprised of a variety of live music, dancing, parasailers, food and drink, and sacred Aztec blessings.

The old pier was one long concrete structure that ran straight out into the ocean, expanded at the end to hold a large amount of fishermen, sightseers and strolling lovers. We dangled our legs over the edge on late nights and listened to the revelry in the distance, combined with the tide crashing against the shore, drowning out all but the most insistent noise.

Boys in baggy shorts would barrel off the side of the old pier, avoiding water taxis picking up travelers to Yelapa and other seaside destinations. Lines that tempted fish hung in the water and buckets for catches sat on the edge. Lovers stole kisses under the moonlight. All these things still occur, including the boats coming and going to pick up passengers, luggage, refrigerators, chainsaws, generators and other supplies for the small villages south of us. Changes is constant.

The new pier is a showcase, and has become an icon of Puerto Vallarta. It is readily recognized by those familiar with the city and has been featured on travel magazine covers. There are times the lights go out around Puerto Vallarta and the pier suffers the same outages; yet it’s an amazingly bright beacon when the storms pass.

For those who grouse about missing the old pier, we get it. We loved the old Vallarta, too. We have learned, however, to live with the progress and appreciate the positive change. Art and education have attracted many newcomers; the reasons to move to Puerto Vallarta are endless. We look forward in the New Year and closing of a decade for more transformations, like the mosaics that have beautified our fair city by the sea. Remember the old and embrace the new.

Que es cómo es.

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