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Dental In Puerto Vallarta

Now that we’ve determined it’s safe to go to Mexico, let’s discuss going there for what some might perceive a dreadful purpose. Many people (we won’t call them tourists, because touring is not really what they’re up to) come to Mexico from Canada and the Unites States for dental work. We’ve been delighted to hear … Read moreDental In Puerto Vallarta

Taking Pictures In Puerto Vallarta

We never tire of gazing at the large photos in the hallways of the restaurant La Palapa, on Los Muertos Beach. We recommend paying a visit; they’re in the back, past the cashier, by the restrooms. Other businesses in town have similar displays but none quite compares to these. Though they don’t depict the entire … Read moreTaking Pictures In Puerto Vallarta

Ships Coming Into Puerto Vallarta

Long before Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess and Carnival Cruises started mooring their ships in Puerto Vallarta, the bay welcomed huge freight vessels. Ships were also the primary form of transportation for people arriving in the port, as well. Entire households were transported by mid-century settlers. The first passenger and freight ships, with names like El … Read moreShips Coming Into Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta – Friends Around Town

Amigos The concept of friendship is different in Puerto Vallarta than that of the United States and Canada. North Americans might have many friends, through school, fraternal organizations, church, the neighborhood, Facebook. In Mexico, an amigo is someone you are close to and you maintain that relationship, through good and bad times, no matter the … Read morePuerto Vallarta – Friends Around Town

Puerto Vallarta Safe And Sound

Safeness in Puerto Vallarta Puerto Vallarta is so safe that many ex-pats choose to retire here, over other suitable destinations in Mexico and southern United States. These are a predominantly affluent and a well-informed group of individuals who have selected their retirement home carefully and many vehemently maintain its safety. Aggression and hostility in Mexico … Read morePuerto Vallarta Safe And Sound

242% More Flights From Canada to Mexico!

Toronto – Air Canada Rouge will be increasing its capacity in Western Canada by a whopping 242% when it starts flying a Boeing 767 from Vancouver this winter season. As such, passengers will be able to fly non-stop from Vancouver to Cancun on Monday and Thursday, or to Puerto Vallarta on Tuesday and Friday. Plus, … Read more242% More Flights From Canada to Mexico!

Mexican Christmas In Puerto Vallarta

To say that Mexico is a country rich with tradition is clichéd nearly as much as some of the traditions themselves. Years ago, upon visiting a Mexican home during the Christmas holidays, we were shown a room that had been completely devoted to the nacimiento, known to us as the nativity. Mind you, this was … Read moreMexican Christmas In Puerto Vallarta

“Dónde Están Los Servicios” In Puerto Vallarta

¿Dónde está el baño, por favor? No matter where one is traveling, to the local mall or a foreign country, an essential question to know how to phrase politely is “Where are the bathrooms?” In Puerto Vallarta we usually use the following Spanish phrase “Dónde está el baño, por favor.” In some places in Mexico, … Read more“Dónde Están Los Servicios” In Puerto Vallarta

Is Puerto Vallarta Growing?

Puerto Vallarta has long been a bustling, active town. It didn’t start with the Hollywood invasion, though the way some people talk, Vallarta was nothing but a sleepy fishing village before the event of movie-making. Las Peñas, as Puerto Vallarta was originally called by Don Guadalupe Sánchez, got her start as a port in the … Read moreIs Puerto Vallarta Growing?

Christmas Traditional Foods in Puerto Vallarta

There is nothing quite as Mexican as a ritual and when it comes to such, Puerto Vallarta celebrates with joy and earnest. What better time to incorporate Pre-Hispanic customs than the birth of Christ, so observed by the Catholic Church. Offerings of the gods, practiced long before the arrival and conquering of the Spaniards, over … Read moreChristmas Traditional Foods in Puerto Vallarta