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Vallarta: How Do We Celebrate Halloween

Halloween in Puerto Vallarta Halloween has not always been a celebrated holiday in Puerto Vallarta. In the mid-80’s there became enough expats here to warrant a party or two and soon the idea caught on. Not that Mexico needs an excuse to dress up. Or party. Day of the Dead in places like Patzcuaro, Michoacan … Read more Vallarta: How Do We Celebrate Halloween

How About Biking In Puerto Vallarta?

Bicycles have become very popular over the past few years in Puerto Vallarta, a place that was until a very short time ago, much easier to navigate atop a donkey. We still love donkeys but bikes are a bit more fun, get you there faster and much less stubborn. Up and down the coastal corridor … Read more How About Biking In Puerto Vallarta?

Help is a Housekeeper In Puerto Vallarta

Friends who recently moved south for the winter have begun to settle into their new homes and several more are on their way. These people have begun to realize the benefits of south-of-the-border living in Puerto Vallarta and shed the fears that had been created by clever media. Shopping was a challenge until they realized … Read more Help is a Housekeeper In Puerto Vallarta

School Children In Puerto Vallarta

School children in Puerto Vallarta, public and private, from pre-kindergarten to high school graduates are well dressed, tidy, and start each day with nary a hair out of place. They wear crisp uniforms and shoes are shined to a gleam. Regardless of economic background, these students start their days with a mother’s blessing and probably … Read more School Children In Puerto Vallarta

Posadas In Puerto Vallarta

Posadas in Puerto Vallarta consist of businesses honoring their employees one day of the year with a festive party and traditional food, along with North American potluck dishes in many cases. There is gift giving, sometimes what we refer to as White Elephant and at some posadas, well-thought presents of gratitude and friendship. Aguinaldos (Christmas … Read more Posadas In Puerto Vallarta

Lo de Marcos is Near Puerto Vallarta

Hidden beauties can be found along Highway 200 on the way to or from Puerto Vallarta. One of these gems is Lo de Marcos, a small Mexican beach town that has not been fully discovered. There are no looming hotels, large boat marinas, beeping taxis or traffic jams. Quiet and relaxing are the reviews we … Read more Lo de Marcos is Near Puerto Vallarta

Ships Coming Into Puerto Vallarta

Long before Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess and Carnival Cruises started mooring their ships in Puerto Vallarta, the bay welcomed huge freight vessels. Ships were also the primary form of transportation for people arriving in the port, as well. Entire households were transported by mid-century settlers. The first passenger and freight ships, with names like El … Read more Ships Coming Into Puerto Vallarta

“Dónde Están Los Servicios” In Puerto Vallarta

¿Dónde está el baño, por favor? No matter where one is traveling, to the local mall or a foreign country, an essential question to know how to phrase politely is “Where are the bathrooms?” In Puerto Vallarta we usually use the following Spanish phrase “Dónde está el baño, por favor.” In some places in Mexico, … Read more “Dónde Están Los Servicios” In Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta and Its Out Lying Areas

There are many magical places to visit surrounding Puerto Vallarta that require only a short bus trip. Down the south coastline, Boca de Tomatlan is at the end of the city route. From there, one can catch a panga (boat) to Yelapa, Las Animas or Quimixto for a very reasonable fare. Day trips are perfect … Read more Puerto Vallarta and Its Out Lying Areas

Pilgrimage In Puerto Vallarta

The word peregrination comes from the Latin peregrinari, which means to travel abroad, perhaps long distances and invariably with no other mode of transportation other than walking. In the sense that travelers come from far away and do so on foot to honor the Virgin, Our Lady of Guadalupe, peregrination defines their sojourn. In Spanish … Read more Pilgrimage In Puerto Vallarta