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Puerto Vallarta Voting From Afar

Voting From Afar We agree with those in Puerto Vallarta who are intent on discussing the issue that the upcoming election in the United States is going to be one of the most important events in the history of the country. If one party wins, there will be upheaval and chaos; the other party is … Read morePuerto Vallarta Voting From Afar

The Incredible Recreational Opportunities of Puerto Vallarta

Located on Mexico’s Pacific coast is the town of Puerto Vallarta. An increasing population of American, British, and Canadian ex-pats, along with a growing tourist industry, the city of Puerto Vallarta is transforming into a mecca of recreational hotspots to serve those residents and visitors. About Puerto Vallarta A long established agrarian area, the city … Read moreThe Incredible Recreational Opportunities of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta: A Mexican Fable

The Sleeping WarriorFables abound in Mexico and are retold, embellished and treasured by everyone from schoolchildren to grandmothers. Puerto Vallarta, though a younger settlement than perhaps some of the ancient cities in the central part of the country, has many of her own tales full of grandeur and woe.From any viewpoint in Puerto Vallarta, one … Read morePuerto Vallarta: A Mexican Fable

Sushi in Puerto Vallarta – Oh So Worth It

Sushi, Please! Recently a friend asked if we knew of a decent restaurant for Japanese food in Puerto Vallarta. This initiated a conversation that went far beyond sushi. Japanese immigrants were originally lumped in with anyone of Asian resemblance as Chino. Japanese initially came as slaves in an era when coffee plantations in Chiapas were … Read moreSushi in Puerto Vallarta – Oh So Worth It

Clothing Is NOT Optional in Vallarta

Amazingly, we see tourists in Puerto Vallarta in grocery stores and shopping malls wandering around in bikinis! Aside from being cold, some are simply not easy on the eye. We can say the same thing about fellows walking down streets (that are not located on or even near the beach) wearing those teeny tiny revealing … Read moreClothing Is NOT Optional in Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta and Its Out Lying Areas

There are many magical places to visit surrounding Puerto Vallarta that require only a short bus trip. Down the south coastline, Boca de Tomatlan is at the end of the city route. From there, one can catch a panga (boat) to Yelapa, Las Animas or Quimixto for a very reasonable fare. Day trips are perfect … Read morePuerto Vallarta and Its Out Lying Areas

Is that a Big Log in the Water? Puerto Vallarta

We actually have very limited reports of crocodile attacks in Puerto Vallarta. There’s a simple reason for this: crocodiles rarely attack humans. Crocodiles are, however, very interested in four legged mammals and we are personally aware of incidents where pets were taken by these large prehistoric-like reptiles. It’s difficult to refer to such events as … Read moreIs that a Big Log in the Water? Puerto Vallarta

Vallarta Life: Mexican – Its the right way to say it.

What is a Mexican? In Puerto Vallarta we don’t hear the term Hispanic as much as we do Latino. There is a justifiable reason for this. Hispanic is technically considered to be someone from a Spanish speaking country, which has been disputed by those who don’t consider themselves of Spanish ancestry. Mestizo once referred to … Read moreVallarta Life: Mexican – Its the right way to say it.

Angels? In Puerto Vallarta?

Our first encounter with Mexican road etiquette took place on a busy street in Zona Romatica, Puerto Vallarta. Returning to our trusty auto, we confronted mechanical betrayal due to the human error of leaving on the headlights. After a somewhat healthy discourse on crucial safety factors while driving in daylight with headlights on, involving remembering … Read moreAngels? In Puerto Vallarta?

Vallarta: Finding the right real estate agent

  If you are like I was, you probably have questions about how to pick a real estate agent to help find a home and invest in Puerto Vallarta. Here is my “Do’s and Don’ts” list to use as a guide and help ensure that you work with the very best agent! Word of mouth … Read moreVallarta: Finding the right real estate agent