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Honey or Sugar? Puerto Vallarta

We laid off sugar a few years back and have been very happy about the switch to honey. Local honey in Puerto Vallarta can be purchased on the streets and we often buy from the same grumpy old man who caters to those walking up and down Basilio Badillo. When we run out of our … Read more Honey or Sugar? Puerto Vallarta

Vallarta Life: In Case of Emergency

In Case of an Emergency We’re passing this along from Pamela Thompson, Healthcare Resources Puerto Vallarta, who believes such information can’t be shared too much. According to Pamela, there are too many people unaware of the following, some of which can be lifesaving. If you know anyone unaware of this list, please direct them to … Read more Vallarta Life: In Case of Emergency

Vallarta Life: Ojo De Venado

Ojo de Venado We found it fascinating when we asked a young mother in Puerto Vallarta about the bracelet on her newborn and discovered it was to ward off envy. Ojo de Venado or Deer Eye in English, is a special seed, usually attached with a soft piece of red yarn. The child wears it … Read more Vallarta Life: Ojo De Venado

Vallarta: When The Earth Shakes

Earthquakes Earthquakes in Puerto Vallarta are not unheard of and we want to set the record straight on what to do in case you ever experience the trembling earth. Our first incident with a shaking house happened shortly after we had settled into our new cliff-side home. We thought the mozo had returned from an … Read more Vallarta: When The Earth Shakes

Vallarta: Finding the right real estate agent

  If you are like I was, you probably have questions about how to pick a real estate agent to help find a home and invest in Puerto Vallarta. Here is my “Do’s and Don’ts” list to use as a guide and help ensure that you work with the very best agent! Word of mouth … Read more Vallarta: Finding the right real estate agent

Busing in Puerto Vallarta

We do a lot of walking in Puerto Vallarta and for long distances, we find the taxis quite reasonable. They are everywhere, easy to flag down and not difficult on price negotiations. Lawfully, they should have a price chart in their car, in case you have any questions. We do, however, appreciate a good bus … Read more Busing in Puerto Vallarta

Vallarta Life: Malecon Time

Walking the Malecón You can entertain yourself for days on end walking the Malecón. There’s so much to do, we have made a short list but you’ll discover many things on your own. And it’s all free! There are two points to start from, depending on your fortitude when you walk along the Malecón. The … Read more Vallarta Life: Malecon Time

Our Mozo In Puerto Vallarta

When we asked our housekeeper if she knew a trustworthy person to help with painting the extra bedroom, we landed on the proverbial gold mine. The discovery that most men in Puerto Vallarta can do just about anything was our opportunity to help boost the local economy. We hired Cesar. When a friend asked where … Read more Our Mozo In Puerto Vallarta

Vallarta Life: Getting Around Town

Getting Around Do you need a car in Puerto Vallarta? That’s very debatable, and the opinions on this issue are as varied as the assorted experiences. We’ve known many expats who’ve driven their US and Canadian cars to Puerto Vallarta and gone through the arduous process of getting them “Mexicanized.” We’ve done this ourselves with … Read more Vallarta Life: Getting Around Town

How Friendly Are They In Puerto Vallarta?

Have you noticed how friendly everyone is here in Puerto Vallarta? We walk down the street and all the Mexicans we pass bid us a good morning, afternoon or evening, depending on the time of day. “Buen dia“ (have a good day) is often a common parting comment. Everyone smiles! It’s easy to tell tourists … Read more How Friendly Are They In Puerto Vallarta?