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Vallarta Life: Time to Nap

Time for a Good Nap High season is winding down and even though there are still many activities, the town has quieted and we feel more relaxed and looking forward to summer nights with friends, cool breezes coming off the ocean, and early mornings, the best time for a good walk around the neighborhood. In … Read more Vallarta Life: Time to Nap

Vallarta Life: Pier History

The Pier and Puerto Vallarta Periodically we see photos and old posts of the pier that was replaced by the current modern and highly designed wharf where boats continue to come and go, as they did in more humble times. Some say they like the old pier better but we find those people are similarly … Read more Vallarta Life: Pier History

Vallarta Life: Charro Time

Charros Horses were not indigenous animals to the Americas. They were brought by the Spaniards and caused great shock and fear among the natives, who were confused by these centaur-looking creatures. Word spread quickly of the monsters, who were slaughtering villages; men, women, and children. The Europeans had a great advantage and Mexico never really … Read more Vallarta Life: Charro Time

Vallarta Life: Protect Yourself

Protect Yourself Recently someone posted on a well known Facebook thread, asking what type of protection they need in Puerto Vallarta. The responses, as usual, got out of hand and the thread had to be closed, due to nastiness on the part of some commentors. This is too bad because it’s an issue that should … Read more Vallarta Life: Protect Yourself

Vallarta Life: Keeping Cool

How to Keep Cool in the Coming Months   It’s gloriously cool in Puerto Vallarta right now. The evenings are breezy, the ocean blows cool air up toward the mountains and humidity is relatively low. The temperature in Puerto Vallarta stays mean pretty much throughout the year but right now we can feel the humidity … Read more Vallarta Life: Keeping Cool

Vallarta Life: Movies We Love

Roma We don’t often write movie reviews for this blog but are so inspired by the recent Mexican film Roma, for many reasons. We were far into the film, a scene at the ocean in Veracruz, before we astonishingly realized this movie was shot in black and white. There is so much color in the … Read more Vallarta Life: Movies We Love

Vallarta Life: Turtle Time

Sea Turtles The season for baby turtle release is coming to an end in Puerto Vallarta. If you haven’t had the opportunity, there are still many chances. Several locations exist up and down the coast, and the concierge in most hotels can guide you to the closest one. Not many places around the globe make … Read more Vallarta Life: Turtle Time

Vallarta Life: In Case of Emergency

In Case of an Emergency We’re passing this along from Pamela Thompson, Healthcare Resources Puerto Vallarta, who believes such information can’t be shared too much. According to Pamela, there are too many people unaware of the following, some of which can be lifesaving. If you know anyone unaware of this list, please direct them to … Read more Vallarta Life: In Case of Emergency

Vallarta Life: Ojo De Venado

Ojo de Venado We found it fascinating when we asked a young mother in Puerto Vallarta about the bracelet on her newborn and discovered it was to ward off envy. Ojo de Venado or Deer Eye in English, is a special seed, usually attached with a soft piece of red yarn. The child wears it … Read more Vallarta Life: Ojo De Venado

Vallarta: Finding the right real estate agent

  If you are like I was, you probably have questions about how to pick a real estate agent to help find a home and invest in Puerto Vallarta. Here is my “Do’s and Don’ts” list to use as a guide and help ensure that you work with the very best agent! Word of mouth … Read more Vallarta: Finding the right real estate agent