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Qvetzal: Amazing Local Artist

Puerto Vallarta is famous for its art. This city loves bold splashes of color and isn’t afraid to stylize even the most mundane of objects. There are various local artists that inevitably will catch the eye of most residents and tourists. Qvetzal is definitely one of them.

At only 33 years old, Qvetzal posseses an incredible talent that has garnered him thousands of fans here in PV. His style can be described as fantastical realism. His use of color and light creates portraits that are larger than life and evoke emotion.

Quetzal is a determined, skilled and highly imaginative young artist who moved to Puerto Vallarta six years ago. He once owned a small gallery in Mexico City and after selling five paintings in just one week, he decided to move to the city of his dreams; PV. In his short time being here, Quetzal has already firmly established himself in the local artists community. He is involved with various groups and his work is displayed in galleries throughout the city.

His paintings of Frida Kahlo are always imaginitive twists on the Mexican icon. With lush flora and hallmark bold colors, his pieces are truly one of a kind and highly sought after. If you have the opportunity to buy one of his originals, I highly recommend it! He is headed for more great things!

Have you seen Qvetzal and his art work in PV? What do you think? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. -Christina

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