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Puerto Vallarta: Let’s Go to the Movies

People looking for air conditioning and an escape from the heat, often find local movie theaters a great refuge. With comfortable seats and big screens, they’re a perfect place to cool off and relax. Most movies are in English with Spanish subtitles and though it’s good to check before one makes plans, keep in mind that this is another perfect way to study and practice the language. All the theaters have websites so it’s easy to check online and sub is your code for those with subtitles.

Local papers such as the Tribune do their best to keep up with movie times and what’s showing but things can change and it’s wise to be aware of this and not get one’s feathers in a ruffle if the venue has changed without notice. A stroll around the mall is always a cool proposition when sudden schedule changes force a later viewing.

Opinions of locals and residents vary in their votes as to which venue is best. Some claim Galerias Liverpool as being the nicest, yet others are not enthused about the level of chill, caused by A/C maxed to the highest power. Then again, others consider this divine. Galerias has a Wednesday night special for $33 pesos and coordinated groups, managed by local medical coordinator, Pamela Thompson, claims anyone is welcome to join the crowd. Pam knows what’s good for one’s health.

Most of the corporate theaters have Rewards Programs, coupons and special programs. They are happy to give discounts to people who can prove their residency, so make sure you have a copy of your electric bill, a local bank card and/or your Permanent Visa. Cinemax offers a two-for-one Tuesdays.

Regardless of which theater you visit, don’t forget to bring a jacket or sweater; even if it’s like a furnace outdoors, it can be like a refrigerator inside. Other movie goers prefer the Cinemax in Pitillal or Cinepolis at Soriana at the north end of Franciso Villa. Cinemark at Plaza Caracol, on Blvd Francisco Medina Ascencio is probably the least expensive, with first-runs showing at $40 pesos and the air conditioning not cranked to the hilt.

At all the theaters, popcorn and other treats are less than half what one expects to pay up north and the selection is often varied and large.

Nacho Daddy, a local bar, restaurant and music venue on Basilio Badillo shows movies one night a week and one can order food and drink. They also turn on the air for patrons.

Wednesday evenings, at the end of the island on the Cuale River, old movies are shown outside. Some prefer the under-the-stars venue over the chilly indoor option and for many it’s within walking distance. Movie-goers are invited to bring their own picnic or visit the local taco stands.

Kids’ movies are dubbed in Spanish and have no subtitles but they are excellent for practicing one’s language skills.

Que es cómo es.


 Thanks to our Guest Blogger Adam Garcia for this great article!

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