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Puerto Vallarta: El Brujo Restaurante

Dining in El Brujo is a pleasant experience. The restaurant is located by the beach front, which offers a really cool and refreshing atmosphere. Day and night, this place is always busy and you can see people lining up outside just to get the best seats. Yes, there is an average 25 minute wait, but as you do that, you can go ahead and get your drinks and start the party early.

El Brujo is known for its authentic Mexican food and the choices are varied. The Queso Cilantro is a good starter. Served in a piping hot bowl, it is made of mozzarella cheese and a unique sauce (with cilantro, of course!) that must be eaten with tortilla.

A favorite food choice is its molcajate, which is actually flank steak served with grilled onions and sumptuous white cheese. It also comes with a homemade sauce made from red bell peppers and guacamole as well as beans and tortillas. Ordering this food is a must and it really goes well with a cold bottle of cerveza. Food is served in large portions and the price is actually inexpensive.

This casual dining place is very inviting for the whole family, but it’s usually a habitue for expats and tourists who want to unwind with good food and great drinks.

The place is probably not the busiest during mid-afternoon, and really crowded during the weekends. Locals are also regulars of this place.

Staffers on El Brujo are friendly and attentive. You won’t be disappointed with the service. They’re also quite engaging as after a meal, we ask one of them where to get good desserts in the area and we’re told that there’s a church in the area with good churos for cheap too.

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