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Lighting Tips for Sellers

When looking to sell your home, there are always ways to increase its value without breaking the bank. Fresh paint, simplifying decor, and revamping lighting can make a big difference in the way buyers perceive and react to your home.

Replacing outdated fixtures

Pendant lights are very popular at the moment as the current style has shifted away from large ornate fixtures. We have seen a trend away from traditional styles like ornate crystal and iron chandeliers to more clean-lined lighting. People are opting for modern, mid-century vintage, or fixtures that are simpler and, in some cases, more casual and fun. The fixture should not be so overwhelming to the room that it takes away from the architecture presented. Instead, when a fixture complements a space in both design and scale, it is much more effective at selling the home as a whole.

Recessed Lighting

recessed lighting puerto vallarta

Pier 57 in Puerto Vallarta

For ambient lighting in an open concept kitchen, living, and dining room, recessed lighting is a favorite; it can also be installed to focus on illuminating a specific area, such as an art wall.

But just as overall lighting trends are moving away from the ornate, the same holds true here.  Ideally smaller and with fewer lights on the ceiling, depending on the architectural considerations.

When to make a change

If there is a fixture that is particular to a client’s taste but doesn’t translate well to the average buyer for that type of home, then it may be worth changing it out. Although this conversation can sometimes be awkward with a seller, it is statistically imperative to update lighting within reason. A simple coat of paint on the walls and updated light fixtures can result in an exponential return on your investment

What kind of lighting are you most attracted to? I would love to hear from you in the comments below! -Christina

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