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Creating Your Perfect Home Office

An interesting side effect of the pandemic has been that many people have realized they can work from home. I cannot tell you how many clients have reached out lately to let me know that they are relocating more permanently to PV because they can now work remotely. I think the future will see a lot more remote work arrangements, which means people will be able to live where they truly love! I thought it may be fun to share a few ideas for the home office. These stylish designs maximize small living spaces while creating functional work stations.

Take advantage of the View

home office puerto vallarta

PV has no shortage of amazing views! If you’re lucky enough to have an ocean view or jungle view, why not try to set up your home office to take advantage and  create the perfect zen spot to focus. The color blue is proven to be a natural relaxant and helps to reduce stress.

Pick the right Furniture

home office puerto vallarta

Many of us don’t have the extra bedroom to dedicate to a full fledged home office. If you’re like me and need to create a work space within another part of your home, choosing the right furniture can be key in crafting a seamless look. If your space is small, consider using “leggy” furniture that takes up less space visually as well. I love the indoor potted plant as well. Here in Mexico, the plant in the photo above is called “Lengua de Suegra” or “Mother in Law’s Tongue”!

Make it yours!

wallpaper puerto vallarta home office

Creating your perfect home office sometimes requires taking some risks. The use of wallpaper can really define your space and get you in the right headspace to work. I want to recommend Deco Designers on Juarez street in downtown PV who have an incredible selection of luxurious, high quality wall papers.

Do you have a home office? What are your favorite design apsects to create your perfect space? I would love to hear from you in the comments below! – John

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