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Deep Sea Fishing in PV

Puerto Vallarta is an outdoorsman’s paradise!! With so many different types of sports to choose from, the adventure seeker will never get bored here. Deep Sea Fishing is a past time that many residents and tourists enjoy. PV is located on the beautiful Bay of Banderas on the Pacific Ocean. There is plenty of fantastic fishing within the Bay as well as outside of it.

I recommend the guides at PV Sportfishing if you’re looking for a nautical adventure with a few great catches!Puerto Vallarta Fishing grounds Banderas bay  is over 40 miles
wide you can do a short 4 to 6 hour fishing charter inside the bay and
can catch, Jack Crevalle, Spanish Mackeral, Needle fish, in high
season Dorado and sometimes smaller Tuna.  If you go a little further
out on a 8 hour fishing charter to Islands Marietas and El Morro a reef
22 miles out has become very well known for drawing in beautiful
Sailfish,  Mahi Mahi, Jack Crevalle, Spanish Mackerel,  Amberjack,
Red Snapper, and Roosterfish all depending on fishing season. For
all you big game anglers searching for giant fish over 100 lbs
Offshore is what Puerto Vallarta fishing is all about! 

4-6 hour charters
Inside Banderas bay where you can catch Jack CrevalleSpanish
MackeralNeedle fish, and sometimes in high season small Dorado
and Tuna.8 hour charters
Islas Marietas – El moro off the point of Punta de Mita where you catch
Sailfish,  Mahi Mahi, Jack Crevalle, Spanish Mackerel,  Amberjack,
Red Snapper, and Roosterfish10-12 hour charters
Corbetena is a reef 36 miles out where you can catch , Blue Marlin,
Black Marlin,  Sail fish, mahi mahi / Dorado, Wahoo,  Jack cravelle,
Pargo, Cubera Snapper, Yellowfin Tuna,  and Striped Marlins.12-14 hour charters
The Bank or El Banco is a reef 50 miles offshore  where you can
catch  Blue Marlin, Black Marlin,  Sailfish, mahi mahi / Dorado,
Wahoo,  Jack cravelle, Pargo, Cubera Snapper, Yellowfin Tuna,  and
Striped Marlins.24 – 60 hour overnight charters
For anglers in search of giant Yellowfin Tuna and the ultimate big
game fishing adventure you need to do a overnight charter 70-120
miles offshore to the outer Islands. See overnight fishing charters.
II you are looking for the Cow Yellowfin Tuna fish in Puerto Vallarta
the outer Islands is where you want to go.

See this is what’s great about Puerto Vallarta fishing you can do a
short 4 hour day in the bay and get lots of small action or you can go
offshore and catch a record breaking Game fish.   PV Sportfishing is
dedicated to Puerto Vallarta fishing and costumer service.  We
specialize in catching big fish and making sure everyone has a good
time on there fishing charter. Check out our Puerto Vallarta fishing
reports to see what’s biting in Puerto Vallarta right now. or send us an

Have you ever been deep sea fishing in Puerto Vallarta? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! -John

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