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Chocolate and Coffee: amazing finds in Chiapas

Who doesn’t love chocolate and coffee? These two beloved food items are part of the rich gastronomy of Mexico. Here in Puerto Vallarta, you will find these two items in many places and on many menus. From small boutique cafes that serve localy grown coffee, to chocolate flavored tequila, to Chocolate museums, the local culture absolutely loves these two!

I was lucky this week to run into some friends of mine who do property management. It turns out, Miriam and Yudith are also big fans of chocolate and coffee. So much so that they have taken countless trips to the southern Mexican state of Chiapas over the years in search of the best coffee beans and organic chocolate. I decided to try some of the products they bring back to Vallarta, and wow! The quality and taste are unlike anything I have ever tried.

Chocolate and Coffee

Miriam and Yudith have found a coffee grower in Chiapas who has an organic bio-dynamic farm that ethically produces some of the finest coffee I have ever tasted. They explained to me that the soil in which the coffee plants grow needs to be enriched. At the San Cristobal coffee farm, they have avocado trees and guava trees surrounding the coffee plants, so that their fallen leaves release minerals and compounds that the coffee plants soak right up and turn into a smooth and flavorful coffee bean. Like the label warns, this coffee is most definitely highly addictive!

I also tried some amazing natural and traditional chocolate products from Chiapas. The small, local enterprise Lu’um uses cacao beans that are cultivated in the Soconusco region of the state. The chocolate I bought is used to make the traditional chocolate drink. This drink can be enjoyed hot or cold, either way it is an exhilerating experience that truly delights the senses. As I write this I am enjoying an “iced-chocolate-tea” with mint leaves. Just trust me, it is fabulous!

Mexico is the birth place of chocolate and it is truly an experience to enjoy ethically grown local cacao from this country. I highly recommend finding a purveyor that you know personally and support them.

Contact Miriam and Yudith for more information and to order your chocolate and coffee. They are truly passionate about gastronomy and a joy to be around! Miriam’s mom makes an incredible salsa that is a MUST TRY as well! La Salsa de Aba is a unique twist on traditional salsa mulata that would make a perfect complement to your meal, and an even better gift!

Miriam and Yudith’s phone number and WhatsApp: 322-132-4495

What are some of your Favorite Chocolate and Coffee treats that you have found in PV or Mexico? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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