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Puerto Vallarta Voting From Afar

Voting From Afar We agree with those in Puerto Vallarta who are intent on discussing the issue that the upcoming election in the United States is going to be one of the most important events in the history of the country. If one party wins, there will be upheaval and chaos; the other party is … Read morePuerto Vallarta Voting From Afar

Puerto Vallarta Does Have A Low Season Month

In Puerto Vallarta, September is known as SeptiHambre…“Hungry September.” September finds many businesses in Puerto Vallarta closed for the entire month. Owners traditionally leave Puerto Vallarta to vacation elsewhere and usually don’t return until October, taking the first week of that month to make repairs, paint and lay in supplies. This means their employees are … Read morePuerto Vallarta Does Have A Low Season Month

Puerto Vallarta Still the Best Place For Dental Work

Dental Work in Puerto Vallarta Ex-pats who live in Puerto Vallarta rave about the medical and dental care they receive. Many people come to Mexico specifically to get dental work done. It’s much cheaper than the US or Canada and the clinics are state-of-the-art, as professional as one would expect north of the border. We … Read morePuerto Vallarta Still the Best Place For Dental Work


CIRQUE DU SOLEIL For several years we have heard the rumor of Cirque du Soleil, a Montreal based entertainment company, planning a mega park in Puerto Vallarta. In 2014, it was revealed that an agreement had been made with Grupo Vidanta and the Goddard Group, putting to rest the idle gossip, yet causing speculation and … Read moreVallarta: CIRQUE DU SOLEIL

Puerto Vallarta Safe And Sound

Safeness in Puerto Vallarta Puerto Vallarta is so safe that many ex-pats choose to retire here, over other suitable destinations in Mexico and southern United States. These are a predominantly affluent and a well-informed group of individuals who have selected their retirement home carefully and many vehemently maintain its safety. Aggression and hostility in Mexico … Read morePuerto Vallarta Safe And Sound

242% More Flights From Canada to Mexico!

Toronto – Air Canada Rouge will be increasing its capacity in Western Canada by a whopping 242% when it starts flying a Boeing 767 from Vancouver this winter season. As such, passengers will be able to fly non-stop from Vancouver to Cancun on Monday and Thursday, or to Puerto Vallarta on Tuesday and Friday. Plus, … Read more242% More Flights From Canada to Mexico!

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate tip: What to do with US checks in Puerto Vallarta?

Like most people, I go to banks when I have to, wait in lines longer than I want to and generally don’t have too much positive to say about the experience. Sort of a necessary thing but I just try to “get in, get out, nobody gets hurt” as Bonnie and Clyde might have said … Read morePuerto Vallarta Real Estate tip: What to do with US checks in Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta 911 is Coming To Town

911 Comes to Puerto Vallarta For many years we were taught to dial 066 in Puerto Vallarta for an emergency and though, thankfully, we haven’t put it to much use, we will soon be able to revert to the ubiquitous 911 that is being adopted, slowly but surely, for more global usage. Getting the world … Read morePuerto Vallarta 911 is Coming To Town

How About Biking In Puerto Vallarta?

Bicycles have become very popular over the past few years in Puerto Vallarta, a place that was until a very short time ago, much easier to navigate atop a donkey. We still love donkeys but bikes are a bit more fun, get you there faster and much less stubborn. Up and down the coastal corridor … Read moreHow About Biking In Puerto Vallarta?

Vallarta: You Can Find Geckos Here

Geckos A question has recently come up about geckos in Puerto Vallarta and we hope to provide some protection for these adorable little reptiles.  Among the lizard groups they are species-rich, with more than 1500 types worldwide. Once indigenous mainly to Asia, geckos have traveled the world and settled in every tropical corner of the … Read moreVallarta: You Can Find Geckos Here