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CIRQUE DU SOLEIL For several years we have heard the rumor of Cirque du Soleil, a Montreal based entertainment company, planning a mega park in Puerto Vallarta. In 2014, it was revealed that an agreement had been made with Grupo Vidanta and the Goddard Group, putting to rest the idle gossip, yet causing speculation and … Read more Vallarta: CIRQUE DU SOLEIL

Taking Pictures In Puerto Vallarta

We never tire of gazing at the large photos in the hallways of the restaurant La Palapa, on Los Muertos Beach. We recommend paying a visit; they’re in the back, past the cashier, by the restrooms. Other businesses in town have similar displays but none quite compares to these. Though they don’t depict the entire … Read more Taking Pictures In Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta – Counting Pesos?

Counting Pesos Recently we were informed of a disgruntled tourist in Puerto Vallarta who was very unhappy regarding being shortchanged at a convenience store. Seems the wife sent the husband for avocadoes, beer and water with a $500 peso note and he came back with $50. Some things just don’t add up and this was … Read more Puerto Vallarta – Counting Pesos?

Puerto Vallarta and Locksmiths, Whats Up?

Locked Up/Locked Out Puerto Vallarta has an abundance of locksmiths and we don’t say that lightly. Many ferreterias (hardware stores) will make keys, if you can find someone to help, but your best bet is to find the local locksmith that your friends recommend. They are everywhere. The first time we went searching for a … Read more Puerto Vallarta and Locksmiths, Whats Up?

Puerto Vallarta: Barcelona Tapas

Barcelona Tapas is a favorite at Puerto Vallarta for its amazing view of Banderas Bay and the lovely cool breeze of the sea. The restaurant is situated on the roof top, which is also where fireworks display are often lit. While this may sound as if I’m describing a romantic place, Barcelona Tapas is actually … Read more Puerto Vallarta: Barcelona Tapas

Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Do We Or Dont We Have them?

Sharks in Puerto Vallarta As far down as Zihuatanejo, you will find sharks in the waters but there simply are none in the vicinity of Puerto Vallarta. Climate change has warmed the waters south of us in places like Ixtapa, which attracts sharks due to the new temperatures and currents that are attractive to typical … Read more Vallarta Beach Lifestyle News: Do We Or Dont We Have them?

Puerto Vallarta: What Season is This?

The Mighty Mosquito We have found it astonishing how a tiny insect can cause so much misery and woe. Loss of sleep at night from real or imagined humming in the space around one’s head or house can sound like a jet landing on the rooftop when one is tired and in need of rest. … Read more Puerto Vallarta: What Season is This?

Busing in Puerto Vallarta

We do a lot of walking in Puerto Vallarta and for long distances, we find the taxis quite reasonable. They are everywhere, easy to flag down and not difficult on price negotiations. Lawfully, they should have a price chart in their car, in case you have any questions. We do, however, appreciate a good bus … Read more Busing in Puerto Vallarta

Mexican Christmas In Puerto Vallarta

To say that Mexico is a country rich with tradition is clichéd nearly as much as some of the traditions themselves. Years ago, upon visiting a Mexican home during the Christmas holidays, we were shown a room that had been completely devoted to the nacimiento, known to us as the nativity. Mind you, this was … Read more Mexican Christmas In Puerto Vallarta