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Rain In Puerto Vallarta

We are often asked what the climate is in Puerto Vallarta and if we are affected by hurricanes that come roaring up the Pacific coastline. The Köppen-Geiger climate classification system, considered the most reliable globally, identifies Puerto Vallarta as tropical. The categories that determine this are how close we are to the equator and plant … Read more Rain In Puerto Vallarta

Vallarta Life: Pests

Mosquitoes Puerto Vallarta is not free of mosquitoes. What are they good for? Absolutely nothing, we’ve been told. Eliminating them, however, is not simply a major challenge, it is a task associated with harm to the environment and we have enough of that already. There is ongoing research into how to find a balance in … Read more Vallarta Life: Pests

More Vallarta Dulces

We never tire of talking about sweets in Puerto Vallarta. We also have no problem ingesting them. Mexican delicacies hold world prominence for a good (and delicious) reason. So much work goes into the creation of sweet offerings and is often the highlight of one’s dining experience. Famous for chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla, many Mexican … Read more More Vallarta Dulces

Puerto Vallarta – The Watermelon

Sandia What a pleasure watermelon is. The color, the sweetness, the crunch, the freshness. We love watermelon. It took us some time to wrap our head around the word sandia, watermelon in Spanish, two words that seem completely unrelated. Instead of buying sandia at the supermarket in Puerto Vallarta, we usually get ours from trucks … Read more Puerto Vallarta – The Watermelon

Mexican Ingenuity Comes To Puerto Vallarta

Boot strapping is an old term in North America and is often associated with company start-ups and resourcing. In Mexico bootstrapping has another name. Mexicanadas. The ability and/or result of finding solutions quickly and cheaply. As gringos, our tendency is to laugh at Mexican quick fixes in Puerto Vallarta. We see them as shortcuts and … Read more Mexican Ingenuity Comes To Puerto Vallarta

Vallarta Lifestyles: International Friendship Club

International Friendship Club The IFC, or in Spanish Club Internacional de la Amistad, is a great place to meet people if you’re new in town. For those interested in volunteer work the IFC is an outstanding prospect. The IFC has over one hundred members, who work to fund surgeries and several charities. The IFC Home … Read more Vallarta Lifestyles: International Friendship Club

Puerto Vallarta and Locksmiths, Whats Up?

Locked Up/Locked Out Puerto Vallarta has an abundance of locksmiths and we don’t say that lightly. Many ferreterias (hardware stores) will make keys, if you can find someone to help, but your best bet is to find the local locksmith that your friends recommend. They are everywhere. The first time we went searching for a … Read more Puerto Vallarta and Locksmiths, Whats Up?

Don’t Curse the Cobblestones In Puerto Vallarta

Stones of all shapes, sizes and textures have been used globally since the beginning of architecture and construction. Houses, fences, churches, barns, corrals, roads, among other structures have put good use to provisions from Mother Earth. It’s an alternative to the use of other natural resources, such as trees, which must be destroyed to be … Read more Don’t Curse the Cobblestones In Puerto Vallarta

Hurricane Patricia Update

Hi Boardwalk friends! We had an overwhelmingly nice bunch of emails from many of you when Hurricane Patricia hit land that we thought you might find it interesting to read the story firsthand. The quick version is that no rough weather hit PV at all and in fact the town and the weather are simply … Read more Hurricane Patricia Update