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Vallarta Life: Pests

Mosquitoes Puerto Vallarta is not free of mosquitoes. What are they good for? Absolutely nothing, we’ve been told. Eliminating them, however, is not simply a major challenge, it is a task associated with harm to the environment and we have enough of that already. There is ongoing research into how to find a balance in … Read moreVallarta Life: Pests

Vallarta Life: Keeping Cool

How to Keep Cool in the Coming Months   It’s gloriously cool in Puerto Vallarta right now. The evenings are breezy, the ocean blows cool air up toward the mountains and humidity is relatively low. The temperature in Puerto Vallarta stays mean pretty much throughout the year but right now we can feel the humidity … Read moreVallarta Life: Keeping Cool

Vallarta Life: New Bike Tour

Second Annual Puerto Vallarta Tourist Bike Tour Get your tires checked and fill your water bottle! Cycling in Puerto Vallarta has become so popular over the past few years; we now have an annual tour, of which the second one will occur at the end of this month of March 2019. There are three categories, … Read moreVallarta Life: New Bike Tour

Vallarta Life: In Case of Emergency

In Case of an Emergency We’re passing this along from Pamela Thompson, Healthcare Resources Puerto Vallarta, who believes such information can’t be shared too much. According to Pamela, there are too many people unaware of the following, some of which can be lifesaving. If you know anyone unaware of this list, please direct them to … Read moreVallarta Life: In Case of Emergency

Vallarta Life: To Barter or Not to?

Is Bartering a Mexican Thing?   Mexicans didn’t invent the art of bartering, though some have asked if it’s a tradition in Puerto Vallarta. Bartering is ancient and has existed all over the world for eons. You’re likely to find wares for sale in many places; vendors on the beach, at flea markets, on the … Read moreVallarta Life: To Barter or Not to?

Vallarta Life: Lets Walk

Walking the Malecón You can entertain yourself for days on end walking the Malecón. There’s so much to do, we have made a short list but you’ll discover many things on your own. And it’s all free! There are two points to start from, depending on your fortitude when you walk along the Malecón. The … Read moreVallarta Life: Lets Walk

Vallarta Life: Location, location (rentals)

Finding a Rental in Puerto Vallarta   There are many rentals in Puerto Vallarta and scads of sources to find one; agencies, bulletin boards (electronic and onsite) in supermarkets; cafés; Facebook sites or simply Google Rental Puerto Vallarta and an amazing amount of possibilities will pop up. We always check reviews, regardless of what we’re … Read moreVallarta Life: Location, location (rentals)

Vallarta Life: Los Mangos Bazar

Puerto Bazar at Biblioteca Los Mangos   In an old mango orchard in Puerto Vallarta, on Avenida Francisco Villa a dream came true when the library was built with the help of community support. Opened in November of 1996 and host to guests of many countries, there are books in English, Spanish and other languages. … Read moreVallarta Life: Los Mangos Bazar

Vallarta Life: The Navy

Navy Day in Puerto Vallarta   Mexico celebrated her first Navy Day in 1942 and Puerto Vallarta took up the tradition not long after, in 1949. Navy Day is one of the holidays Mexicans observe that usually misses tourist attention. Expats living in Puerto Vallarta eventually catch on and some are fortunate enough to be … Read moreVallarta Life: The Navy

Vallarta Life: What if the border closes? (As if…)

What Will Happen if Trump Closes the Border? How much will you be affected in Puerto Vallarta if Trump goes through with his ridiculous threat to close the border? Frankly, this will have more far reaching problems in the United States than Mexico. There will still be refugees at the border, people who are streaming … Read moreVallarta Life: What if the border closes? (As if…)