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Five Bumpiest Roads in Puerto Vallarta or “I Left My Tire in Paso Ancho”

Bumpy roads don’t necessarily sneak up on you in Puerto Vallarta but there are those that catch you by surprise and threaten to rearrange your kidneys.  Our driving experts have reported the top well known axle-busters: The area of Buenos Aires/Paso Ancho has been under steady redevelopment for decades, and oversized vehicles have all but … Read moreFive Bumpiest Roads in Puerto Vallarta or “I Left My Tire in Paso Ancho”

Huipil – Those Beautiful Blouses in Vallarta

When shopping in Puerto Vallarta, one will find few garments as simple and yet elaborate as Huipil, the traditional dress worn by indigenous women of Central and South America. A Nahuatl word, pronounced weep-eel, the length of a Huipil can be everything from a short blouse to a floor length dress. Normally assembled with two … Read moreHuipil – Those Beautiful Blouses in Vallarta

From The Catrina In Puerto Vallarta

Death is the great neutralizer. No matter whom we are or what we possess, we are all going in the same direction and headed for one particular place. Nowhere in the world celebrates the end of life quite like Mexico, including Puerto Vallarta. The Mexican Revolution gave birth to La Catrina in the late nineteenth … Read moreFrom The Catrina In Puerto Vallarta

Clowns In Puerto Vallarta

In defense of clowns, Puerto Vallarta could use more. Their entire function is to make people laugh, to amuse, entertain. We can all use a bit more laughter. Some smart clown, before he was so designated, decided that to garner attention he could learn to juggle, dance, sing songs and do acrobatics to collect coins … Read moreClowns In Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Does Have A Low Season Month

In Puerto Vallarta, September is known as SeptiHambre…“Hungry September.” September finds many businesses in Puerto Vallarta closed for the entire month. Owners traditionally leave Puerto Vallarta to vacation elsewhere and usually don’t return until October, taking the first week of that month to make repairs, paint and lay in supplies. This means their employees are … Read morePuerto Vallarta Does Have A Low Season Month

Puerto Vallarta Still the Best Place For Dental Work

Dental Work in Puerto Vallarta Ex-pats who live in Puerto Vallarta rave about the medical and dental care they receive. Many people come to Mexico specifically to get dental work done. It’s much cheaper than the US or Canada and the clinics are state-of-the-art, as professional as one would expect north of the border. We … Read morePuerto Vallarta Still the Best Place For Dental Work


CIRQUE DU SOLEIL For several years we have heard the rumor of Cirque du Soleil, a Montreal based entertainment company, planning a mega park in Puerto Vallarta. In 2014, it was revealed that an agreement had been made with Grupo Vidanta and the Goddard Group, putting to rest the idle gossip, yet causing speculation and … Read moreVallarta: CIRQUE DU SOLEIL

El Zocalo In Puerto Vallarta

The local zocalo, (from Spanish zócalo socle and from Italian zoccolo) is the main square in any Mexican town, Puerto Vallarta being no exception, and is often the center of much local activity. At “El Jardin Principal”(The Main Garden) as the local plaza is called, on any given evening, decades seem to melt away while … Read moreEl Zocalo In Puerto Vallarta