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Welcome to the New Circus in Puerto Vallarta

Although the United States considers itself more progressive and civilized, when it comes to the treatment of show animals, they are miserably far behind Mexico. The Mexican congress, being the 10th country to do so globally, has passed measures to stop animals being exploited for entertainment. Gildardo Guerrero, of the political Mexican party PAN, has … Read moreWelcome to the New Circus in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta – Summer Vacation

Boardwalk Realty Blog – May 2016Summer vacation is almost here and thousands of people return to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with their families and children year after year. They think about going someplace else, but many say this is the best location for a trip. “It started with my mother and father, who purchased a time … Read morePuerto Vallarta – Summer Vacation

Puerto Vallarta: Chinese Tacos and Mexican Wonton?

Chinese restaurants are abundant in Puerto Vallarta; it’s a favorite food among Mexicans throughout the country. We have our favorites but they all offer a wonderful array of specialties. With the wealth of fresh seafood, menus are never short of delectable choices. We’ve been asked about the resemblance of Asian peoples among Mexicans and have … Read morePuerto Vallarta: Chinese Tacos and Mexican Wonton?

Vallarta: You Can Find Almost Anything Here!

You Can Find Almost Anything Here! When we first moved to Puerto Vallarta, we lamented over not being able to buy Campbell’s Tomato Soup, because it was our main comfort food with grilled cheese sandwiches and we missed it terribly on occasional dreary days. Mexican cheese wasn’t a good fit for the sandwich either and … Read moreVallarta: You Can Find Almost Anything Here!

Puerto Vallarta – Speak & Be Heard

Attempting the Language As years go on in our residency of Puerto Vallarta, we’ve found it amazing how many people speak English; the waiters, the ladies at the lavanderia, bartenders, the veterinarian we take the pup to see for his yearly exam. Even some of the taxi and bus drivers. It is an honor to … Read morePuerto Vallarta – Speak & Be Heard