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Independance Day In Puerto Vallarta

Independence Day in Mexico is traditionally celebrated on September 15, the eve of the actual event, just as most holidays in Puerto Vallarta and other cities. To take in all the merriment, the Malecón is the best place to observe the celebration. Expect thick crowds and lots of noise, as this festival seems to grow … Read moreIndependance Day In Puerto Vallarta

Welcome to the New Circus in Puerto Vallarta

Although the United States considers itself more progressive and civilized, when it comes to the treatment of show animals, they are miserably far behind Mexico. The Mexican congress, being the 10th country to do so globally, has passed measures to stop animals being exploited for entertainment. Gildardo Guerrero, of the political Mexican party PAN, has … Read moreWelcome to the New Circus in Puerto Vallarta

School Children In Puerto Vallarta

School children in Puerto Vallarta, public and private, from pre-kindergarten to high school graduates are well dressed, tidy, and start each day with nary a hair out of place. They wear crisp uniforms and shoes are shined to a gleam. Regardless of economic background, these students start their days with a mother’s blessing and probably … Read moreSchool Children In Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta – Summer Vacation

Boardwalk Realty Blog – May 2016Summer vacation is almost here and thousands of people return to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with their families and children year after year. They think about going someplace else, but many say this is the best location for a trip. “It started with my mother and father, who purchased a time … Read morePuerto Vallarta – Summer Vacation

Rain In Puerto Vallarta

We are often asked what the climate is in Puerto Vallarta and if we are affected by hurricanes that come roaring up the Pacific coastline. The Köppen-Geiger climate classification system, considered the most reliable globally, identifies Puerto Vallarta as tropical. The categories that determine this are how close we are to the equator and plant … Read moreRain In Puerto Vallarta