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Puerto Vallarta – Counting Pesos?

Counting Pesos Recently we were informed of a disgruntled tourist in Puerto Vallarta who was very unhappy regarding being shortchanged at a convenience store. Seems the wife sent the husband for avocadoes, beer and water with a $500 peso note and he came back with $50. Some things just don’t add up and this was … Read more Puerto Vallarta – Counting Pesos?

Puerto Vallarta To Tonala

Escaping the heat of Puerto Vallarta in August is a good time to check out the tianguis (flea market) in Tonalá. Although everyone thinks Tonalá is in Guadalajara, it’s actually a municipality of Jalisco, bordered by Juanacatlán, Tlaquepaque, Zapotlanejo, El Salto and Guadalajara. The tianguis includes everything from pottery to antique furniture and is open … Read more Puerto Vallarta To Tonala

Puerto Vallarta – And If We Have Kids?

What Can We Do with the Kids? People who move to Puerto Vallarta sometimes worry about what they will do with their kids. It seems there are a lot of adult activities but what do kids do? Of course, they go to school during the season and Puerto Vallarta is an excellent place for kids … Read more Puerto Vallarta – And If We Have Kids?

Independance Day In Puerto Vallarta

Independence Day in Mexico is traditionally celebrated on September 15, the eve of the actual event, just as most holidays in Puerto Vallarta and other cities. To take in all the merriment, the Malecón is the best place to observe the celebration. Expect thick crowds and lots of noise, as this festival seems to grow … Read more Independance Day In Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta – Summer Vacation

Boardwalk Realty Blog – May 2016Summer vacation is almost here and thousands of people return to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with their families and children year after year. They think about going someplace else, but many say this is the best location for a trip. “It started with my mother and father, who purchased a time … Read more Puerto Vallarta – Summer Vacation

Puerto Vallarta: Chinese Tacos and Mexican Wonton?

Chinese restaurants are abundant in Puerto Vallarta; it’s a favorite food among Mexicans throughout the country. We have our favorites but they all offer a wonderful array of specialties. With the wealth of fresh seafood, menus are never short of delectable choices. We’ve been asked about the resemblance of Asian peoples among Mexicans and have … Read more Puerto Vallarta: Chinese Tacos and Mexican Wonton?

Vallarta: You Can Find Almost Anything Here!

You Can Find Almost Anything Here! When we first moved to Puerto Vallarta, we lamented over not being able to buy Campbell’s Tomato Soup, because it was our main comfort food with grilled cheese sandwiches and we missed it terribly on occasional dreary days. Mexican cheese wasn’t a good fit for the sandwich either and … Read more Vallarta: You Can Find Almost Anything Here!