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Puerto Vallarta Dogs & Storms

Dogs and Thunder It’s called Strom Phobia and our pup suffers from this horrible affliction here in Puerto Vallarta during rainy season. We always know when a storm is brewing because the pup starts the panting/pacing ritual that precedes thunder and lightning. Pup seems to want to be on top of us, or maybe inside … Read morePuerto Vallarta Dogs & Storms

Puerto Vallarta – Counting Pesos?

Counting Pesos Recently we were informed of a disgruntled tourist in Puerto Vallarta who was very unhappy regarding being shortchanged at a convenience store. Seems the wife sent the husband for avocadoes, beer and water with a $500 peso note and he came back with $50. Some things just don’t add up and this was … Read morePuerto Vallarta – Counting Pesos?

More Vallarta Dulces

We never tire of talking about sweets in Puerto Vallarta. We also have no problem ingesting them. Mexican delicacies hold world prominence for a good (and delicious) reason. So much work goes into the creation of sweet offerings and is often the highlight of one’s dining experience. Famous for chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla, many Mexican … Read moreMore Vallarta Dulces

The Sunsets in Vallarta

Winter in Puerto Vallarta brings incredible sunsets and we cannot deny it is one of our favorite pastimes to settle into a plastic chair on the beach, with a cold beverage to sip and watch the great ball of fire sink into the sea. People gather all along the malecón from one end to the … Read moreThe Sunsets in Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta To Tonala

Escaping the heat of Puerto Vallarta in August is a good time to check out the tianguis (flea market) in Tonalá. Although everyone thinks Tonalá is in Guadalajara, it’s actually a municipality of Jalisco, bordered by Juanacatlán, Tlaquepaque, Zapotlanejo, El Salto and Guadalajara. The tianguis includes everything from pottery to antique furniture and is open … Read morePuerto Vallarta To Tonala

One Million Americans Living in Mexico Love it there!

That’s right, one million Americans are living in Mexico, taking advantage of the wonderfully warm climate, the thrill of the Pacific Ocean and the inexpensive cost of living. The town most ex-pats choose is named Puerto Vallarta. Located in the Mexican state of Jalisco, the town is home to millions of American, Canadian and British … Read moreOne Million Americans Living in Mexico Love it there!

Puerto Vallarta – And If We Have Kids?

What Can We Do with the Kids? People who move to Puerto Vallarta sometimes worry about what they will do with their kids. It seems there are a lot of adult activities but what do kids do? Of course, they go to school during the season and Puerto Vallarta is an excellent place for kids … Read morePuerto Vallarta – And If We Have Kids?