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How Big City Stress Affects Your Health

The crime, the traffic, the congestion, the noise, and non-stop pace of a big city take its toll on your health. That’s not just anecdotal any longer, researchers are uncovering some not so surprising facts about the negative impact big cities have on peoples’ health. In the heart of the busy metropolitan jungles, more people … Read moreHow Big City Stress Affects Your Health

The Tank In Puerto Vallarta

We have many friends who own and love their timeshare properties in Puerto Vallarta. Some purchased many years ago with older companies and have sustained and broadened their ownership over decades. The buildings are well maintained, with staff whose familiarity is the result of loyalty and trust. Newer timeshares are abundant and seem to pop … Read moreThe Tank In Puerto Vallarta

Hacienda San Angel, Puerto Vallarta

Overlooking the heart of Puerto Vallarta lies Hacienda De San Angel, the most noteworthy of Puerto Vallarta’s recently-opened luxury hotels, nothing but oohs and ahhs from most guests. It offers tremendous views of the magnificent Puerto Vallarta. One of most charming and luxurious vacation villas you’ll ever find in Mexico. Once you set foot in … Read moreHacienda San Angel, Puerto Vallarta

Puente in Vallarta

The Spanish word for bridge is puente and in Puerto Vallarta, as in all of Mexico, that means “time to party.” A puente is a bridge that carries you from one ordinary week into another, with good times in between. An extra day for travel or recovery makes for three and four day vacations. Mexicans … Read morePuente in Vallarta

Help is a Housekeeper In Puerto Vallarta

Friends who recently moved south for the winter have begun to settle into their new homes and several more are on their way. These people have begun to realize the benefits of south-of-the-border living in Puerto Vallarta and shed the fears that had been created by clever media. Shopping was a challenge until they realized … Read moreHelp is a Housekeeper In Puerto Vallarta