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Vallarta: How Do We Celebrate Halloween

Halloween in Puerto Vallarta Halloween has not always been a celebrated holiday in Puerto Vallarta. In the mid-80’s there became enough expats here to warrant a party or two and soon the idea caught on. Not that Mexico needs an excuse to dress up. Or party. Day of the Dead in places like Patzcuaro, Michoacan … Read moreVallarta: How Do We Celebrate Halloween

Bikes Come To Puerto Vallarta

Many years ago, when we arrived in Puerto Vallarta and began enlightening and enjoyable observations, we rarely saw anyone riding a bicycle. If we did spot a bike, it would often be supporting well more than one rider. A man usually pumped the pedals with someone on the handlebars, often a person hanging on the … Read moreBikes Come To Puerto Vallarta

Avocados In Puerto Vallarta

To our amazement, we have discovered there are over 500 varieties of avocadoes in the world! Avocadoes are considered a fruit, though most North Americans think of them as a vegetable. From the Nahuatl (Aztec) word ahuacatl, avocado means testicle and is therefore considered an aphrodisiac, since fertility foods often resemble reproductive parts of the … Read moreAvocados In Puerto Vallarta

Isla Marietas Paraíso de Nayarit

Isla Marietas Paraíso de Nayarit Beginning in the mid ‘80’s in Puerto Vallarta, we began fishing trips on pangas, which are open boats and dot the shoreline up and down the shores of Puerto Vallarta. Floating around offshore, lines trailing in the water, cooler full of ice water and cold beer, it was a beyond … Read moreIsla Marietas Paraíso de Nayarit

Our Mozo In Puerto Vallarta

When we asked our housekeeper if she knew a trustworthy person to help with painting the extra bedroom, we landed on the proverbial gold mine. The discovery that most men in Puerto Vallarta can do just about anything was our opportunity to help boost the local economy. We hired Cesar. When a friend asked where … Read moreOur Mozo In Puerto Vallarta

Five Ways You Can Contribute In Puerto Vallarta

Pick up trash – We aren’t asking you to walk around town with a garbage bag (although that would be extremely appreciated.) Puerto Vallarta once took a lot of pride in being very friendly and clean. Still friendly, the city could use some help with the trash. Puerto Vallarta’s favorite historian, Catalina Montes de Oca … Read moreFive Ways You Can Contribute In Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta – The Watermelon

Sandia What a pleasure watermelon is. The color, the sweetness, the crunch, the freshness. We love watermelon. It took us some time to wrap our head around the word sandia, watermelon in Spanish, two words that seem completely unrelated. Instead of buying sandia at the supermarket in Puerto Vallarta, we usually get ours from trucks … Read morePuerto Vallarta – The Watermelon

Customs Agents In Puerto Vallarta

We had the delightful (cough, cough) opportunity to make a passage through Customs (Aduana) in Puerto Vallarta recently and observed some of the do’s and don’ts. (Smile) Our experience took place at the airport and we thought it mind be kind and thoughtful to share what we have known for years. We, most of us, … Read moreCustoms Agents In Puerto Vallarta